About Us

New Ocean is based in Atlanta and procures seafood from all over the world to ensure a continuous supply of seafood throughout the year.


New Ocean was founded in 1992 with the purpose of making seafood more available to the Atlanta community. Over the years we have grown to supply more items and service an array of cities in the Southeastern US. With our experience in the seafood industry, we are able to procure and maintain seafood of the highest quality. We only purchase from producers that are diligent and meticulous with their seafood processing ensuring that our customers receive only the best. We import our seafood from all over the world and also procure domestically ensuring availability year round for our customers. With our fleet of refrigerated trucks and highly experienced staff, we work around the clock to ensure our customers receive their product in the right conditions and on time.

Values / Missions

At New Ocean, our mission is to provide the highest quality seafood with the best possible service. We inform and educate every customer about the products they're buying and their satisfaction is our first priority. Our seafood is sourced in a responsible and sustainable manner in hopes that seafood is around for everyone to enjoy forever.


New star is our premium brand representing our hard work and dedication to keeping the highest quality. Inside products of this brand you will find quality that you can depend on to support your business. We have refined the taste, color, appearance, uniformity, and consistency of all the products that go into our label. Most of our products are barcode ready for our retail customers' convenience as well.